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Look for my channel, Drallanhunter, and see the offerings.

If you’re interested in memoir writing – there’s a whole section.

If you’re interested in the power of your own abilities to manifest, then there’s a section on that, also.

If you want to know something about motorcycles – my hobby – and how it overlaps with memoir writing, then take a look….

Here’s a short Video about “Gratitude and Beyond” – explaining why gratitude is only the first step.
Gratitude and Beyond

This is my most recent interview with Lilou Mace – all about synchronicity;

Click on the link or on the window to see it in its entirety.




Here’s a link to a Youtube video on “The Path of Synchronicity”

This next link will take you to a TV interview on Memoir writing, from February 2011. Some of these links need to be cut-and-pasted into your browser.  I don’t know why. It’s just one of those weird things.


Youtube videos for you to enjoy. I’ve placed the most recent ones here.

This one is about the Grimm Brothers’ Tales, and how they have been distorted by Disney.

Carrying on the theme of Disney and distortion, we now take a look at Cinderella.

Here I turn my attention to the discussion of the Shadow self – and take it a little deeper than other writers have done.

From this point on the order of the videos is chronological, but I’ve arranged them with the earliest FIRST. Scroll down to the end for the most recent.

The interviews by Lilou Mace can also be found on her Youtube channel.

I now have a Youtube channel. You can watch many of the videos right here on this page, and you can also go to and search Drallanhunter.

This link will take you directly to the YouTube conversation about Cinderella:

And here’s another interview – Love is like Gravity:

There are also three more, all short, and all to do with how we get confused about love.

This first one is about the archetypes of love and Princess Diana – and what we can learn from her.


The second one is about ‘The Six archetypes of Love’ and Gauguin’s greatest painting, and what love truly is in our world if we want to notice it.


And here’s one that people really like: How many Frogs do you need to kiss before you find a Prince?


Lilou Mace and I did another interview, also, about the nature of creativity and art, and why art matters. Perhaps it can help connect us to the divine?




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