Praise for The Six Archetypes of Love

Michael Toms, Founding President of New Dimensions Media, and Author of A Time for Choices: Deep Dialogues for Deep Democracy, and An Open Life: Joseph Campbell in Conversation with Michael Toms

“Allan G. Hunter weaves a fascinating web of why it is that love should be the centerpoint of our lives. He shows that love is not a static concept, but is something that can grow and change. He reveals how to approach love in all its many facets through the blend of ages-old stories and contemporary examples. The Six Archetypes of Love will, most assuredly, expand your horizons and shed light on the eternal questions: What is love? and, How may I have more of it in my life?”

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Sandra Sedgbeer, Editor-in-chief, Planet Lightworker Magazine

“With enormous depth of knowledge and clear insight into the human psyche, Hunter’s The Six Archetypes of Love, reveals six essential profiles of the individual in love. Everyone wants love, reading Hunter’s book is a first step to understanding it and, most importantly making it happen.”

Praise for Stories We Need to Know

Network Review: The Journal of the Scientific and Medical Network

“Subtitled ‘reading your life path in literature’, this is a fascinating exploration by an author who is both a counsellor and Professor of English, in which he draws on both disciplines and writes in the tradition of scholars such as Joseph Campbell on the stages of the hero’s journey. The context will be a familiar one for many network readers, namely the problem of soul starvation in our time. The book is divided into three parts, in which the middle is the shortest, explaining to the idea of his six stages of life from the first part. These are Innocent, Orphan, Pilgrim, Warrior-Lover, Monarch and Magician. Not everyone moves through all these stages, and there may well be cycles of development in which one returns to an earlier stage. However, they do represent stages of progression through life involving ego development, commitment, service and the embodiment of wisdom in achieving balance and love. There are obstacles and challenges at every stage, which becomes even clearer in the third part which draws on Great Western literature to illustrate the dynamics of the stages (the author is unapologetic about this tradition, describing its dismissal as a result of ‘trendy ignorance’). Here we have Odysseus, Oedipus, Orestes, Jesus, King Arthur, Shakespeare, Dickens and JK Rowling, among others. The commentary on Harry Potter is very interesting in the light of what has gone before, showing the depths to which it appeals. The central emphasis is on the development of love and the expression of creativity, which are essential elements in education. This brilliant book certainly shows the reader how considering literature seriously and deeply can be a valuable tool in helping us become more fully human.”

* * * * *

Dr. T.A. Shippey
Ong Professor of Language and Literature, St. Louis University

“We’ve always known that stories affect people, but Allan Hunter’s book shows how, and why, and why there are some stories we can’t do without — or only at the risk of serious lack of personal fulfillment. His analysis opens up not just books but also lives. This is something everyone needs to know.”

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Dr. Martha Grace Duncan,
Professor, Emory University School of Law

“Allan Hunter’s training in psychotherapy and English literature has enabled him to write a book that comforts even as it teaches and challenges us. Based on insightful new readings of classic and popular literature, Stories We Need to Know is a nurturing and inspiring travel guide for the journey of life.”


Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide Magazine

“By exploring 3,000 years of literature, Dr. Allan Hunter has brought to life six archetypes that traditionally have transmitted sacred meanings to generation after generation. Western society, by taking our stories literally, has disabled the transformative power of myth; this book reinstates that power by revisiting some of the classics using archetypes as your guide. Joseph Campbell would be in bliss if he read Dr. Hunter’s work.”

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Dr. Pat Baccilli, award-winning host of The Dr. Pat Show — Talk Radio to Thrive By!™

“In Stories We Need to Know, Dr. Allan Hunter revealed six major archetypes that are active in each of us. Now, in his brilliant follow-up, The Six Archetypes of Love, Hunter shows us how these archetypes manifest in our love lives and how, for those who utilize the vital knowledge these archetypes reveal, love can never be far away.”

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