Check back often for new podcasts as Allan talks on the radio with various interviewers. Listen and learn about The Six Archetypes in everyday life. New Dimensions ‘Cafe’ Interview with Michael Toms, April 23, 2008 http://www.newdimensions.org/pods/ndc/NDC-C0058-Allan_G_Hunter.mp3 The Dr. Pat Show with Dr. Pat Bacilli http://www.thedrpatshow.com/shows/drp-080221-hunter.mp3 Waking Up In America: Dr. Val Kirgaard interviews Allan Hunter and Tony Wilkinson about their new books and leading a fulfilled and happy life / March 12, 2008 http://www.wakingupinamerica.com/shows/2008-pages/MARCH12-hunter-wilkinson.html Waking Up In America with Dr. Val Kirkgaard: Clearing mental blocks with Anna Harding, July 1, 2008 http://www.wakingupinamerica.com/shows/2008-pages/JUL1-harding.html Waking Up In America: Dr. Val Kirkgaard interviews Allan Hunter about heroes and a dialogue for community change, July 30,2008 http://www.wakingupinamerica.com/shows/2008-pages/JULY30-hunter.html

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