Diary 137

Sunday, August 2nd

I read in the news about resistance to the “president’, and I note that this is healthy, sane, and reasonable. Portland, for example, is setting the pace on that, peacefully.

Yet it’s also worth saying that focusing on the problem is not the same as focusing on the solution. Let us choose to focus on the world we want; a planet that is not polluting itself to extinction; a place where all people are equal, a place where we can each feel that a future is possible. If we focus on that future the ridiculous person who calls himself the ‘president’ becomes irrelevant.  We cannot change the dark by telling each other how dark it is. We can only change the dark by bringing light.

Diary 136

Saturday, August 1st.

The effect of having trimmed back the trees is that more light now enters the house on the formerly very shaded side. Similarly the air can circulate more easily. More noticeable, though, is the effect on the mind – I feel somewhat more open and unburdened. Feng Shui seems to be almost immediate in its effects, and those effects are extremely helpful at this confusing and bizarre time. My friends in Europe cannot quite believe what’s happening here, in the USA they all used to look at with admiration, and sometimes with bemusement. That’s all gone now. Now we’re much more likely to be regarded as a mess of ugly government decisions, corruption and civic oppression.

Lots of political capital got squandered here in the last four years.

Diary 135

Diary 135

Friday, July 31st

The excitement today (for me) was the arrival of the guys who trim trees back. They set to work early, did not pause, and did a superb job. The only thing that got in the way was a very large raccoon and kit, perched high in the branches some of which we’d hoped to trim back. She wasn’t about to move. No amount of activity around her, no rattling chainsaws could divert her. Sensibly the gentlemen elected not to disturb her further. You can see her, just, in the picture – lolling like a movie star in a Beverly Hills pool wondering why the drinks service is so slow.

May we all be so unflappable.

Diary 134

Diary 134

Thursday, July 30th

The figures are out and our GDP shrank by 32.9% last quarter. The ‘president’ says he is finally going to pull his thugs out of Portland. He wants to delay the election.

The thing is that when he’s removed from office he’ll no longer be able to claim he’s immune to prosecution, and worse still, all those folks he sold his soul to will want to take him apart. No wonder he’s so desperate.

Dr Faustus dramatized it neatly, but that was back in 1593.

Diary 133

Wednesday, July 29th

A new crop of bunnies is in the yard. These guys see me and panic. They run away at full speed and hide. The older ones know what’s what. They just look up and say, “Oh, hi Allan. Really nice clover here. But it needs water. Can you see to that?”

Similarly with the bees. They buzz around and the older ones say, “It’s just Allan. He blunders around here a lot. Don’t mind him.”

Diary 132

Tuesday, July 28th

In world news the biggest bank fraud in history is unraveling. The former prime minister of Indonesia has been found guilty of the first seven charges of corruption and will now face the next series of charges. Why should we care? This is the scam that is known as 1MDB, the same scam that Goldman Sachs, yes, our Goldman Sachs, agreed to pay a $3.9 BILLION fine to settle, five days ago.

Not seeing this on the front pages of your regular news channel? Hmmm…

Diary 131

Monday, July 27th

I thought I’d share this picture sent to me by a Scottish friend. It seems fitting in our covid era of restricted movement, although it was taken some time before. Sometimes a good dose of wry humor is very healthy.

Diary 130

Sunday, July 26th

As the covid cases rise to 1,000 per day in the us, as ‘death panels’ in Texas are forced to decide who they can treat and who they can’t, as the Portland protests continue despite the armed thugs sent by the ‘president, we might want to consider that Facebook (yes, this Facebook here) will probably choose to support Trump. Zuckerberg doesn’t want regulation of fake news. The ‘president’ will allow that, for his own selfish reasons.

The scenario is becoming ever clearer. There are no innocent choices.

We have 100 days left. Let’s see if we can fix this.

Diary 129

Diary 129

Saturday, July 25th (St. James’ Day)

I’ve posted this picture before. It’s my father William James Hunter in his RAF training gear. Today makes the 79th anniversary of him being shot down.  His Beaufort Bomber was attacking the battleship Scharnhorst – a brave but futile action, since one lone aircraft couldn’t hope to do much damage. Still, they tried, and were promptly shot down. The wireless operator, Sgt. Appleby, was killed outright. A large caliber shell saw to that. The others survived to become POWs. 

The fact was not lost of my father that this, the worst day of his life, turned out to be a blessing.  Because he was captured he survived the war; many others in his squadron didn’t. The loss rate was about 70%. He reckoned his patron saint was looking out for him that day.

I often think of that when things look especially bleak.

Diary 128

Diary 128

Friday, July 24th

These rather lovely small ‘rocks’ arrived for my wife yesterday. I thought I’d like to share them. 

On a day when the ‘president’ has refused to order his goon squads of military thugs out of Portland, even though there’s no reason for them to be there, it becomes necessary to think positively as far as we can. One thing we can be sure of, though, is that this is a tactic he learned from Putin.  Perhaps Putin even told him to do this.