The Sanity Manual

Why The Sanity Manual? In our fast-paced world we rarely have the time to check in with ourselves, to see how we really are. And if we’re not sure how we are, how can we tell if we’re making good decisions?

This book is based on a series of revolutionary interactive writing and drawing exercises which are designed to acquaint you more fully with yourself—perhaps for the first time. Refined over twenty years of work with clients, these exercises will give you a context against which to compare your responses, so that you can come to a clearer understanding of who you are, how you function, and where you want to take your life. Consider these exercises mental aerobics, designed to keep you mentally aware so you can eliminate the insanity in your life. Once you have started to do that you can liberate yourself to be truly, fully who you are, and not what you think others expect you to be. In the process you can reclaim that most beleaguered of attributes, your sanity.

How do you define Sanity, then? Sanity is like health, we tend to notice it only when it’s gone, and then we can’t quite recall what it was like. Perhaps the best definition is that sanity is the close correlation between the person’s inner world and the outer world. For example, whenever we’re forced to pretend we like something that we don’t we strain that connection, and we let a small amount of insanity grow within us. Similarly the person who has unrealistic expectations is forcing a rift between the inner world of expectation and the outer world of actuality. Perhaps sanity is, in fact, being authentically oneself. When we allow ourselves to be truly who we are we can rediscover the beauty, the mystery, the joy of our lives.

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