Gratitude and Beyond
Using near-death experiences as a springboard into an in-depth discussion of five key areas of awareness, this guide explains how to recognize and demystify these seemingly inexplicable events. Readers are shown how to properly extract the lessons of a near-death experience through reflection and cultivate five key concepts: gratitude, humility, beauty, innocence, and a sense of place in the world. By visually connecting each of these ideas together in the shape of a five-point star, the author demonstrates how these key insights are interlinked, each supporting and adding value to the others, with the open area inside representing love. Brief but eloquent, it addresses a popular and important topic without overly-sentimental or religious overtones.

Just published.

“This inspiring book will change how you look at and live life — if you have the courage to allow it to transform you”.
— Vicky Thompson, editor of New Connexion Journal

Spiritual HungerFrom daily activities such as work and eating to milestones such as graduation and marriage, this discussion debates the myths that guide lifestyles and questions why they exist in the first place. Each belief is broken down and examined in terms of how it works, exposing its true nature so that its value and necessity in culture as well as the way it operates can be determined. This unique self-help guide demonstrates how to reinvent old, outdated rituals; get rid of those rites that are entirely ineffective; and create new habits that provide a deeper meaning to everyday life. A gateway to finding a better understanding of what contributes to healthier relationships, this guide to rituals paves the way to sustaining a fulfilling and happy life.

“There is nothing new in pointing to the overwhelming and negative effects of materialism in our culture and there is nothing new in suggesting that we need to find meaning with spiritual depth somewhere in all of this. But how and where to find it? That is the question and answer that author Dr Allan G. Hunter deals in. He discusses the myths and rituals of our society which on their surface lack any real meaning or depth, leading to self-destruction, and balances this with explaining how these same myths, if connected to their true inner purpose and significance, can lead to self-healing and a strong sense of purpose”.
—Bill Anderton, Pilgrims

The Path of Synchronicity
If The Secret left you with questions, and if The Shadow Effect gave you only parts of the answers you longed for, then this book is for you.

Synchronicity has often been explained away as pure chance, coincidence, and dumb luck. And yet for millions of people over the centuries these seemingly random events have been greeted as meaningful, and people have chosen to act upon the intuitions that they had about these events. C.G. Jung felt that synchronous moments were those when we were most powerfully in touch with the Collective Unconscious, tapping into the wisdom of all mankind – if we choose to hear it.

“The sheer volume of these stories helps us appreciate that we are part of a universe larger than our own individual trials and tribulations, and the transformed heroes of these oft-repeated themes inspire us to seek our own path toward a richer, more heroic life.”
—Kat Tansey, author, Choosing to Be

“Allan Hunter gets to the heart of personal transformation in this timely and groundbreaking guide to personal authenticity and living a life in accord with the energies of the universe.”
—Julie Clayton, New Consciousness Review

“Dr. Hunter guides the reader into a magnificent synthesis of ancient wisdom and practical application . . . . [This book] not only opens your heart but also the door to our greatest potential. Hunter is an authentic teacher, a man of deep wisdom and compassion.”
—Baptist de Pape, filmmaker, The Powerful Wisdom of the Heart

“In this insightful book, Hunter helps us assess the ego traps into which we fall. This is not just another psychological ride . . . he takes us down to our own depths to find . . . our authentic destiny.”
—Justine Willis Toms, cofounder of New Dimensions Radio, author, Small Pleasures

“Hunter’s gift is the clarity and compassion with which he writes and he has produced a book for those who feel they have fallen off course out of the ‘flow’ or can no longer feel the ‘energy’ we know is there to guide them. The Path of Synchronicity is also for those who want to know more about the mysterious workings of life’s forces and how to use what comes to them, no matter what the channel, for their highest good.”
— Cherry Coad, Positive Health On-Line

Princes Frogs and Ugly Sisters
“You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince” – at least that’s what people say. But what if the princess never kissed that frog? What if that whole episode was invented by Walt Disney Studios? Have you been trying to run your romantic life by depending on inaccurate information? What if the original story says something completely different?

Welcome to the world of Grimm’s healing tales, where Cinderella has no fairy godmother, frogs never get kissed, and strange things happen that were edited out of your childhood nursery rhymes book. We’ll discover the difference between what the Grimm brothers’ tales actually say and what we think they ought to have said, and in the process we’ll find real, vital insights into how we could live more happily, understand our need for personal growth, and find our significant other. This will bring us into a richer, deeper world of personal exploration, and will show us the true healing nature of these beloved tales. And if you really want to find your prince or princess, this book will give you some essential pointers.

Since reading the book, I have made the decision to read the original tales to my children (when I have them) alongside the Disney films, that way they get the best of both worlds!

— Olivia Bushnell, Livi’s Little Bubbles.

“Hunter is a genius in explaining the Grimms tales (I’m guilty of only really knowing the Disney versions) and in decoding the life lessons and messages that have all but been lost.”

— Natasha Soliar My Spirit Radio

“In his new book, Princes, Frogs and Ugly Sisters, he [Allan Hunter] shows how many of the Grimm Brothers’ healing tales have been ‘Disneyfied’ and their true meaning and the valuable relationship lessons they once contained have been weakened and in some cases have disappeared altogether.”

— from the Be Health Be Happy website


Drawing from more than 25 years of literary know-how and modeled after a 15-week college course, this manual provides guidance for seekers wishing to delve further into self-exploration through writing. Extending beyond the idea that memoir writing intends to put past events into a more understandable current perspective, the guide maintains that keeping a document of one’s life is actually the basis of a psychic process called “soul work,” which manifests as a desire to experience the state of being alive to the fullest. This unusual approach to memoir writing aims to generate more honest and genuine results that come from inner needs rather than outer expectations. Intended to clarify a writer’s developmental path, this resource emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and the need for dealing with difficult material that actually alters the writer in the process, resulting in significant growth of the soul.

“The beauty of this book is in the way it takes its followers well beyond the writing process and into a deeper, spiritual journey.”  —Connie D. Griffin, author, To Tell the Truth: Practice and Craft in Narrative Nonfiction

Write Your Memoir is an extremely well written, concise, clear and lucid guide to the practice of writing a memoir. This is a good book and one I will definitely use when I teach this subject.”  —Carlo Gebler, author, Father & I: A Memoir

“I can’t imagine the first-time memoir writer making the journey through their manuscript with a gentler guide, a wiser counsel, a more enthusiastic cheerleader.”  —Suzanne Strempek Shea, author, Sundays in America

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When love attachments fall apart it’s often at exactly the same place – although recognizing what that place is can be hard. We fall in love and we all have to deal with our partners. Doesn’t it make sense to know what the archetypal challenges are? In The Six Archetypes of Love we look at the stages we all pass through in our life journeys and see what they mean in terms of understanding ourselves and love. Who are you in love? Are you the Innocent? Or could you be the Magician? And what is this thing called love? Dr. Allan Hunter uses the ancient wisdom of the Tarot, examples from the everyday world around us, and stories from myth and literature in coming up with genuinely helpful answers to the universal questions about love.

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allang Stories We Need To Know traces characters in over 3,000 years of literature through six stages as they progress on their journeys to self-mastery and full authenticity. Careful examination reveals that characters progress through the same stages and always in the same order. From Beowulf to Harry Potter it is always the same. These stages can be seen as The Six Archetypes and we can learn to appreciate our own life journey as a progression through these stages in one or more aspects of that journey. From Innocent to Magician, we see what the obstacles are on our path to greater self-realization and mastery and how we might overcome them.

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life_pass We all go through various passages in our lives—graduation from school, relationships, marriage, separations and divorce, the death of loved ones and so on. Life Passages is specifically designed to ask you to reflect on these changes in yourself and in those close to you whether you are the one going through the experience of change, or your child is, or even your parent. You can choose to turn directly to the section that refers to your specific situation, or you can work through the book, using it as a way to reconsider your life up to this point, and beyond. The chapters will ask you to respond to questions, develop images, even to draw diagrams and charts, all as a way to uncover the wisdom that is already within you. You will be given a context for all your responses so that you can find the meaning in what you have written about. This will allow you to take charge of your own life.

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sanity_man Why The Sanity Manual? In our fast-paced world we rarely have the time to check in with ourselves, to see how we really are. And if we’re not sure how we are, how can we tell if we’re making good decisions? This book is based on a series of interactive writing and drawing exercises which are designed to acquaint you more fully with yourself—perhaps for the first time. Refined over twenty years of work with clients, these exercises will give you a context against which to compare your responses, so that you can come to a clearer understanding of who you are, how you function, and where you want to take your life. Consider these exercises a way to heighten awareness so you can eliminate the confusion in your life. Once you have started to do that you can liberate yourself to be who you truly are, and not what you think others expect you to be. In the process you can reclaim that most beleaguered of attributes, your sanity.

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memoir_front Allan Hunter wrote the introduction and collaborated on this memoir by his father, Jim Hunter.

From Coastal Command to Captivity is the extraordinary tale of a Second World War Airman shot down and taken captive. Although never an escapee, his skills as an artist enabled him to help others by forging vital documents.

Jim Hunter’s war took a turn for the worse when he succeeded in hunting down the German battleship Scharnhost and her escorts in the Atlantic. Displaying almost reckless bravery he and his fellow Beaufort crew members pressed home their attack before succumbing to the inevitable; a swim in the Atlantic! Rescued after a mercifully short time, Jim became a POW but his war was by no means over.

Fortunately he kept a diary throughout his captivity, in itself a hugely risky thing to do and it is this that forms the basis of this evocative memoir.

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how_met What happens when a man discovers he has a stalker? And what if the woman is someone he once worked with? Everyone jumps to assumptions and some are not flattering. That’s what faces Bill Staniforth. But when the harasser is found badly beaten things take a more sinister turn.

How They Met is a novel about prejudice and fixation, and also about how we can lie to ourselves to bolster our self-image.

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