Diary 298

Sunday, January 10th

A second Republican senator has said the so-called president’ must go. Just two. What about the other 48?

Good question….  What this shows us is that the Republican party is in its famous lock-step mode. It adopted this way of being during the Clinton administration, and its sole purpose was to block anything coming from the Democratic side.  Anything and everything, no matter whether good, bad, or helpful. Any Republican politician deviating from this orthodoxy would (and will) suffer terribly at its own party’s hands. It’s career death if one breaks ranks, even with a ‘president’ who is certifiable. [My sources for this background include Obama’s latest book, in which he describes the financial melt-down of 2008. Start at page 270.]

This method of stymying the opposition achieves only one thing: the consolidation of power. It does not help to govern the country, in fact it ensures the country will not be governed at all, as just about all protections for individuals not in power are fair game.

There are almost no moderate republicans left. There is practically no bi-partisan action at all. It is purely adversarial. These are some of the reasons they cling to an unhinged ‘president’.

This has to change. Now is the time. Perhaps the ‘president’s’ madness will be the catalyst we need.