Diary 296

Friday, January 8th

Despite the things said at the Capitol about two days ago the Republicans seem reluctant to trigger the 25th Amendment, which would incapacitate this treasonous “president’ until the end of his term. Bear in mind this is the man who has access to the Nuclear Codes.

Republicans may talk about how they’re shocked, but they still won’t oppose this ‘president’. Don’t let us ever forget that.

The death toll for this coup attempt currently stands at 5.  Covid deaths this week: 4000 each day. That’s more people than died on 9-11, if you want some perspective, and the squatter in the White House is actually withholding distribution of vaccines. When will the Republicans DO something?

I shall remember this inaction for the rest of my life.

Twitter has suspended the ‘president’s’ account permanently. What took them so long??

Speaker Pelosi is pushing ahead with the second impeachment, which may be launched on Monday. She’s saying that unless the ‘president’ resigns immediately that this is what he’ll face. Action at last.