Thursday, January 7th

Some awkward questions are emerging about the Capitol siege, such as, how come it was so easy for the rioters to get in? Were they deliberately let in? (It certainly looks like it) This, after all, is supposed to be one of the most secure sites in the US, and without any special equipment a rabble of paunchy rag-tag nut cases were able to breach security? Why did it take so long to call out the National Guard?

Once the rioters were in, I’m impressed at how the new influx of guards were able to de-escalate the situation and take control again. Had they come out with guns blazing I have little doubt the proud boys would have broken out their automatic weapons. The lame duck ‘president’ could then have declared martial law, and that would not have helped democracy. 

The law is slow, but it will catch up with these people. If they were to be convicted tomorrow the former ‘president’ would probably pardon them. Let us wait and charge them properly under a new regime.

A tweet, issued late today, was a flagrant backing away from the former ‘president’s’ support of the rioters. It used complex sentence structures, real syntax and polysyllabic words.  Clearly it did not come from him, but from his handlers. Ha!