Diary 294

Wednesday, January 6th.

I will not dignify the events of today with a picture.

This was a black day in our history.  ’Supporters’ of the ex ‘president’ – incited directly by him – stormed the Capitol and attempted to overturn the ratification of the election. 

The good news is that the rioters were ejected after only a few hours and the confirmation of president-elect Biden went ahead successfully. The good news is also that both Democrat candidates in Georgia won, giving Democrats control of the Senate, and returning Georgia’s first black senator.  The good news, furthermore, is that the rioters were only a few thousand in number and seemed to melt away in front of a strong police presence.

The lame-duck ‘president’ and his enablers are a real problem. The crowds that stormed the Capitol were overwhelmingly white, mostly older, mostly bearded men, some waving confederate flags.  Many of those arrested seem to have been from out of state thus flouting the Covid travel ban.  Quite a few were armed. This is the lunatic fringe.  

In other southern states, according to the Guardian, crowds of a few  hundred attempted to intimidate and storm other government buildings, but seem to have been too clueless to do much.

Can we say the words ‘domestic terrorists’ now?