Diary 249

Sunday, November 22nd

Watching the unravelling of the ‘president’ and his team has its own weird fascination. His shrillest supporters (think of Sidney Powell’s assault on Georgia) have become so unreasonable that even the short-on-reason Rudy Giuliani has had to put distance distance between them.

And yet the problem remains of 70 million voters who thought that this out-going ‘president’ was a good candidate, that he won, and that he was cheated, somehow, of the second term he ‘deserved’.

The problem, at its base, is misinformation. We are now faced with a vast web of propaganda and misinformation piped directly to people’s homes. Freedom of speech is one thing; hate speech is another. We can deal with that.  But how do we deal with those people who peddle ridiculous, hurtful conspiracy theories? Biden will have to come up with a plan for that, since at the moment there is no legislation to stop anyone spreading outright lies.