Diary 242

Sunday, November 16th

As the ex-‘president’ holds on in the White House I cannot help but notice that the US is now regarded by many countries as being a lesser place than it was a few years ago. The nation that used to enforce ideas of democracy is becoming a sad parody of its own blared-out credo, and suddenly it’s not just the Emperor who has no clothes. With his refusal to accept election defeat we seem in some respects no better at democracy than some of the countries the ex-‘president’ called ‘shithole countries’. 

The British are particularly aware of this, living as they do in a failing state, isolated, yelling about freedom from foreign interference (the EU) and so on. I think all of this is repairable, but like any repair, we’ll always be aware of how things got broken, and of the scars. This is not a time any of us will forget easily.