Diary 241

Saturday, November 15th

Another record number of Covid cases today, and in Washington a crowd estimated at a hundred thousand people came to wave flags, including confederate flags, claiming that the election was rigged, and Biden was not the winner.

Reading the interviews some of them gave to reporters is a puzzling experience. Some deny the policies that the former ‘president’ enacted (separation of families at the border for example); some consider the spat with China as beneficial to Hong Kong and trade in general; Muslims claiming a ban on travel to and from Muslim nations is a good idea. And so on.  Most weren’t wearing any face coverings, so they must consider Covid to be a hoax, too. All seemed to think the election was stolen.

It troubles me that so many people believe such strange things. It also troubles me that what amounts to a temper tantrum is considered a reasonable response to losing.  No one was talking about the climate emergency or the economy.