Diary 204

Thursday, October 8th

Nancy Pelosi has introduced a bill to consider removing the ‘president’ over ‘health concerns’. Specifically, his sanity’s in question. I would suggest that anyone saying he isn’t crazy puts their own sanity in question, too.

Of course, some of his supporters are not far behind.  The plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan is one of the whackier ideas. Six people have been charged.  

The Pence jokes continue to multiply. One wag suggested Pence had brought his ‘one black friend’ with him. Another said that ‘the man is decomposing on live tv’. Still others noted that flies are drawn to decay, death and shit. If we didn’t laugh we’d probably cry.

The ‘president’, meanwhile, was treated with cells from fetal tissue. But wait!  Isn’t that something his party (and he) vehemently opposes?  Ah, hypocrisy is still alive in him, at least, — even if decency and honesty aren’t.