Diary 177

Friday, September 11th

Almost everyone in the US who was alive at the time, I suspect, remembers where they were on 9.11.2001. I was due to teach a class on American Literature, and it was my place to tell the students what had just happened, minutes before. The frightened and bewildered looks on their faces will remain with me always. That day my role was less as a teacher, and more as a person who held them together as they tried to get information, any information, without panicking.

Real information was hard to get: all the phones were out, for one thing. The news services were in disarray.

The remarkable thing is that despite the ghastliness, the deaths, and the heartbreak we were not broken as a Nation. We were manipulated into a pointless war, true, but most of us have always known that Iraq was not to blame for this. Truth will out, eventually.