Diary 125

Tuesday, July 21st

It’s been pretty hot recently and so I’ve been wearing my straw hats. I’ve tended to reach for the cheap one I got last year, saving the good one for special occasions (as if there are any of those right now). It’s one of those habits I grew up with. So, the other day I thought I’d use the good hat just because it seemed silly not to and I discovered that, from lack of use, it had shrunk slightly. It was now just a shade tight.

I know it’ll stretch back if I use it more. It’s already has begun to do so. Yet the lesson stood clear to me; don’t save things for ‘best’. Don’t hold on to possessions for that special moment.  Use them now.

Greta Thunberg is an exponent of this – she just donated her $1 million to climate groups.  We need to face climate crises now, not next year.