Diary 103

Diary 103

Monday, June 29th

The State, in its wisdom, is saying that it expects to open schools in September, with students wearing face coverings all the time, and teachers potentially instructing from doorways, also while wearing face masks. Really?  And how do we think that would work for the five year olds? And the fifteen year olds? 

Rather than walk into that horror show I think many parents will get together to form small home schools. Not all can do this, of course, but some will, and some are already planning for it. Can you imagine it? I can. Small classes, lots of time to ask questions and go on tangents, no standardized ‘testing’, no busy work, and far less of the seven hours of prison a day most children experience. As for the social skills that one gets by being in the playground, well, those can still be learned in smaller groups. And with luck the anti-social skills – like bullying and victimizing and racism – won’t be learned, at all.

We can transform education from child-warehousing into something far better, one small group at a time.

Interestingly, Harvard, which would normally expect thousands of students from all over the globe, has cancelled the Fall semester.

And, BTW teachers are not expendable. Asking them to risk their lives for that level of pay is revolting.

The US currently has recorded 2.5 million cases that require treatment, with over 120,000 deaths and …. Well, you know the facts as well as anyone. Open the schools? I’m not so sure that’s a great idea.