Diary 102

Sunday, June 28th

Today brought some bee activity and a lesson. What I didn’t know was just how sticky beeswax is. Trying to clean up was an unexpected struggle.

Hot water, scrub, scour, more hot water; repeat.

How, I wondered, did people living on farms with a million other tasks manage this?

As a white male of a certain class I had always just paid my $4 and bought a jar of honey. Now, seeing up close just how sticky and awkward bee products could be, I began to recognize that things that for me were easy, were for many others a real struggle.

I needed to be reminded that food production depends upon a lot of repetitive and messy tasks that I as a rule do not have to face. The pollinators of this world need attention and support, and it’s not just distant appreciation. It’s hands on, dirty, sticky and a nuisance. And without it there wouldn’t be much food.

I link this to our political situation. For too long I, and many like me, assumed all the necessary work would be done by the politicians we voted for. That didn’t happen quite as planned, did it?

Time to roll our sleeves up.