Diary 101

Saturday, June 27th

A word about the media –some media, I should say.  I hope we all understand that some branches of our media love to relay bad, dramatic and scary news. This type of content improves their ratings, so they can sell more advertising. My best friend was a news man (he was killed in Iraq, reporting) and he freely admitted that he and his colleagues got paid extra for a really bad news-type story. Things haven’t changed since then.

The astonishing thing is that we pay for this. We buy tv sets and pay for cable channels and on-line news. We pay to be scared. No wonder the blockbuster Netflix series all seem to involve scary situations. I doubt that this is entirely good for our health.

And we pay for this.  Aren’t we silly?

We need a responsible and independent news media — of course we do. We don’t need a lot of what we seem to be getting these days.