Diary 100

Diary 100 — yes, really.

Friday, June 26th

I feel that with the 100th entry there ought to be a fanfare or something, but alas, I don’t think so. At 100 days in, the covid figures are surging in all kinds of places. Many of those places are the same locations that refused to take masks and safe spaces seriously. In other words, this isn’t the second wave. This is still the first wave.

Our ‘president’ seems to have abandoned the issue. Bored, no doubt, with not having something to talk about that involves winning or being the best, he’s slunk off stage. Thanks for the leadership.

Angela Merkel has announced that we should not assume that the USA wants to be a major power or role model in the years ahead.  Because, my dears, it certainly isn’t one now.

We may as well get used to that. 

Leaderless, we can begin to make a few decisions of our own. We can decide to wear masks and exercise social distancing. We can decide that Black Lives truly do matter. We can face the fact that this pandemic is going to be here for a lot longer than anyone in ‘authority’ is telling us. We can take care of making our immune systems stronger by not eating toxic junk. We can pay attention to the underlying truth that the rules of almost everything have changed in various subtle and less subtle ways.

Happy 100th.