Diary 99

Thursday, June 25th

Bicycles. I’ve spent the last few days re-furbishing various bicycles for my small granddaughters as well as for myself and my wife so we can keep up with them when we go along the river path. This has meant claiming dumped/trashed bicycles, going onto craigslist for free parts and so on, and then assembling said parts.  It’s been fun. It’s re-cycling.

What I’ve noticed is that more people than ever are using bicycles around my town. With the covid-19 decrease in passenger vehicle use, riding has become less of an exercise in avoiding self-annihilation and more of a statement of keeping fit while not being on public transport with public germ-exchange.

I sense this whole drive-to-work thing is fading, and fast, in cities.

I wonder how long it will last?