Diary 96

Diary 96

Monday, June 22nd

One of the tid-bits that came my way today was that archaeologists have discovered what appears to be a huge circle of holes, 15 feet deep by 30 feet across, on a radius of about 1000 feet, constructed by the people who built Stonehenge, around the monument called Woodhenge. Some twenty of these holes have survived and more are being explored. The things we don’t know are, well, astonishing.

It occurs to me that while Bolsonaro is busy killing off Amazonian tribes, and the US is energetically trying to eradicate Native Americans, that there’s plenty we just don’t know about what appear to have been peaceful, organized and very spiritually aware societies. These might well have been societies superior to our own, out-of-step-with-Nature society, our grab-the-money-at-all-costs “civilization”, our strange world that has produced our ‘president’.

Indigenous cultures: they’re fading fast. We’ll miss them when they’re gone.

Perhaps when they’re almost extinct, like Giant Pandas, we’ll take the time and trouble to learn from them. And, then, if we’re paying close attention they’ll show us the way back to the best version of ourselves.