Diary 95

Diary 95

Sunday, June 21st

Today was Father’s Day – admittedly a Hallmark holiday, but let’s not throw it aside for all that.  For me it included messages of love and a visit from my granddaughters, 5 and 7, who were very excited to wish me a Happy Grampy Day.

I had built them a “Fairy House”. That’s what the picture is.

Family, however constituted, is the support structure that allows us to survive our earliest days, and, with luck, helps to guide us thereafter until they help us navigate our last days. It’s a reminder that we’re not all about ourselves, but that we need others. Psychologists tell us in no uncertain terms that separating families is one of the cruelest things one can do, guaranteeing a blight on all members.

So I choose to remember Father’s Day and all those family days because they let me recognize how much we all need each other, and that alone, isolated, smug in ourselves we’ll be bound for catastrophe.