Diary 93

Friday, June 19th

I realized today that I’d missed Bloomsday (June 16th) – which is a sacred day for all Joyce enthusiasts and almost all Dubliners. I put it down to the general sense of drift that the lockdown has produced in me, and perhaps in you too. Juneteenth discussions upstaged it, rather.  Juneteenth is important .

The usual tour of Dublin landmarks and pubs that would have been part of the Bloomsday celebration didn’t take place, of course. At least not officially. But I’m always in favor of celebrations that are about literature, the delights of reading, the insights authors can give us – and about good old-fashioned fun. I wouldn’t mind a few more holidays like that: one for St Agnes’ Eve, perhaps, or a designated Ode to Autumn day, or a day for ee cummings’ In Just Spring……. 

I’m sure you could add your own.

Policemen are still shooting unarmed black men, but now we read about it and it’s on the news. Every Day. Every Day.