Diary 90

Tuesday, June 16th

I never thought I’d write the words ‘Dairy 90’ here.

So let’s get on with it. In the news Seattle has a ‘police free zone’, and Los Angeles and Tacoma are vowing to overhaul their police departments. Review and change are often good. Europe is cautiously opening up. So are we.

My grandchildren arrived today. They’ve been in quarantine and so have we, so we felt fine about having them run around the garden, dash through the lawn sprinkler, and generally have an hilarious time. They reminded me of the pure joy of innocence, of the ability to laugh delightedly at small absurdities, and the utter silliness of splashing in a wading pool. It was, one might say, magical. 

I needed the reminder. It’s too easy to get all serious and solemn. Sure, these are solemn times, but joy will help us through them. And without joy, what’s the point of anything?