Diary 88

Sunday, June 14th

We were talking about what it is we’ve learned during the lockdown, and my wife  said that it was, in fact, a time of unlearning, a time when we can see that many things we usually did were in fact rather stupid. 

This struck a nerve. A few days ago I was walking along the river bank and there before me was a fine old red brick factory, converted to office space. It had a tremendous open space around it, noble old trees and a clear view of the river. Peeping through the windows I saw rows and rows of empty office cubicles, none of which took advantage of the view, the natural light, or the huge windows. Of course not; they had to look at computer screens. I thought that this was a work environment that no one needed – like turning your back on Yellowstone Park.

We could unlearn that cubicle lifestyle.