Diary 86

Friday, June 12th

I think I’m getting a little bit used to some of this, perhaps. I mean, my ears now stick out at odd angles because of my mask elastics, and my nose is flattened by the pressure of the fabric, but, truly, I might even be improved by all these changes. I also am careful to remind myself to wash my hands whenever I’ve been out and about. In a normal flu season these would have been really useful tactics.  How many times have I been stricken by some ailment that these actions could so easily have prevented?

And because we can’t do much else we’ve been forced to acknowledge the gross injustices in our world. I hope we’ll never ‘get used to’ those, or to the needless covid deaths.

What I’m getting used to is that the citizens of the US are finally starting to protest, after some years of quietude and even despair. Protest is a sign of optimism and empowerment. Without it things cannot get better. It’s not a bad tradition.

Recalibrating, as my GPS used to say.