Diary 84

Wednesday, June 10th

The official number of confirmed covid-19 cases in the USA today topped 2 million. That’s 2 million people sick enough to turn up and ask for help, who were actually counted, and the total does not include those who died before they could be tested, for example.

Please – continue to take care.

Today was also the second day our local Charity shop was open and accepting donations. We’d had a huge heap of stuff we’d collected before the lockdown (especially the lightly-used grand children clothes), and I’m sure it would have been useful to someone – if only we could have got it to them. Now we can.

I think that during lockdown plenty of people had major sort-outs of stuff. Marie Kondo would have been proud of that. While I was delivering boxes of donations at one end of the store my wife was snapping up bargains inside. I think we returned with marginally fewer items than we arrived with…..