Diary 64

Diary 64

Thursday, May 21st

Often Nature is the best answer. These geese are going ahead and raising their goslings, independent of anything we may or may not do.

In our present restricted state I’m reminded of many things I used to do and thought were essential, but many of them were just busy work. At work, as a teacher, I can see now that when I began my career the emphasis was on doing the job of communicating literature as well as I could. My job was to reach people and to open minds. Gradually the task was complicated by the need to document everything, by committees that would then assess those documents, normalize grades, tutor me in inclusivity and mandate diversity, and so on. Eventually I was spending more time on the bureaucracy than on the teaching. That was when I knew it was time to leave.

Perhaps, after this is all over, we may get back to doing what is important – saving the planet comes to mind – rather than justifying all the busy work.

[93,800 deaths from covid-19 so far in the US.]