Diary 60

Sunday, May 17th

Spring has taken hold. Walking around my neighborhood I occasionally see young women, teenagers mostly, clad in short shorts, very short tops, and huge masks. Something seems a little off, there, somehow.

The masks are a very smart idea, though. Tomorrow Governor Baker is scheduled to announce the ‘easing’ – or not – of the current restrictions, and I do hope he’ll not be too cavalier.  Mass is a small state, and we have suffered a disproportionately high number of infections and deaths. You probably know the numbers, but in case you don’t, we’ve had 85,000 cases and nearly 6000 deaths, for our 6.9 million residents. 

Maryland has about the same population, but only 38,000 cases and 2000 deaths. In comparison Texas has 29 million residents, 47,000 cases and 1300 deaths. Texas is more than 4 times our population, and has had only a quarter of our deaths.

Some places got hit harder than others.