Diary 59

Saturday, May 16th

My impression is that various people have decided to relax their stay-at-home self-regulations. Today I noticed that the good weather had tempted out a fair number of motorcycles. I like motorcycles, but the unmuffled roar of the I-don’t-give-a-damn bikes such as I heard in some numbers, well that’s been absent until now. There’s no where for them to go, so I can only assume it was a gesture towards the joys of summer.

A few houses down our neighbors, who had held socially distanced gatherings of four or five in their yard until now, today had a barbeque with much looser social distancing.  It looked like fun. I wish I’d been invited. Perhaps we’re all just a bit tired of this lockdown.

But if we just go back to business as usual we’ll have missed an opportunity to reassess how we live, and how we want our world to be, and what we hope the next few generations will inherit.