Diary 58

Friday, May 15th

My son in law came by to look at the bees. It seems that while the rest of us have been somewhat under-employed (33 million of us, it turns out) that the bees have been busy busy busy.  So much so that we needed to add an extra box to the hive. This we did by lifting the lid on the first box and examining the hive for overall health.

Each frame of comb we pulled out was totally covered with bees, several thousand of them, and we were in our shirts and jeans, no gloves, no veils.  But the bees seemed to know we meant no harm. They were just eager to keep on working to benefit the hive. We were not stung. We were not attacked by protesting bees who wanted to gather in bars and wave their weapons around and sport confederate flags.  And believe me, this lot had their little stingers. All they wanted was the general good for all.

We could learn from bees.