Diary 56

Diary 56

Wednesday, May 13th

Eight weeks. 

The drama of the missing Siamese enters a new phase: the trap has been set, the owner is convinced it truly is her cat, and she waits anxious and tight-lipped in her car across the road from our house, for hours at a time. I am beginning to think that this may not be her cat, and that the video only snagged an image of the one that lives down the road. Yet she so clearly wants to believe, needs to believe it is her cat. We love our pets, and in a time of lockdown they can be immeasurably consoling to those who are older, alone, and lonely.

Elsewhere in the Grand Duchy of Watertown the river is in its springtime surge, the herons have moved to a sort of island refuge, and while the geese are clearly interested in mating the herons remain aloof from it all.

People leave messages for each other on the sidewalks and on tree roots.