Diary 55

Tuesday, May 12th

55 days, eh? 

Meanwhile Operation Catnip is into a new phase. Yesterday the cat-recovery people set up a camera in our front garden to see if the missing Siamese actually was lurking in the undergrowth. The owner, an older lady, is clearly heartbroken at having lost her cat, and presents a brave face, although despair is not far behind.

It turns out that they actually caught the wee feline on video, and so they’re going to set up a trap for it. I was somewhat relieved about this because it turns out there is another Siamese in the neighborhood, and I had visions of them scooping up the wrong cat, thinking it was, in fact, the wandering Darcy.  Yes, that’s his name. We were even introduced to his rather sad sister, whom I immediately assumed was called Elizabeth, of course, although I have no evidence for that. After all, Jane Austen called Darcy’s sister Georgiana, so I could well be wrong. So the video evidence that this was in fact he was, well, a relief. 

In Austen’s world Darcy and Elizabeth wind up together after various tribulations. We all love a happy ending. I hope it may be the case for this Darcy, too. I hope it may be the case for all of us.