Diary 54

Monday, May 11th

Today brought some unusual things. First of all I invented a new exercise that is suitable for lock-down. I call it ‘where the hell did my wife leave her glasses’. It involves bending down to look underneath chairs, running up and down stairs in case they were left in the attic, reaching up to places she may have put them ‘for now’ and so on. Without her glasses my wife has a little trouble seeing where her glasses are, you see, which is why I do some of the searching. She seems intent on my doing this exercise at least once a day.

The other item also involved searching. It seems that with less traffic about the local cats have taken to wandering further than usual, and then getting lost. So a dear lady who is a ‘Pet Recovery’ professional has now set up a wildlife camera in my front yard, since that was the last place the cat in question was seen. I bet she’ll get some brilliant pictures of the squirrels.

Meanwhile the thing we’re missing is not glasses or cats so much as decent guidance during this pandemic.  Why are we not seeing advice about how we can enhance our immune systems so we don’t collapse when the virus hits? Why are we not being encouraged to take good care of ourselves in terms of nutrition? We can do more - so that we’re not sitting ducks.