Diary 3: Magic

I’ve reached a sort of stasis. I find myself not doing the things I said I’d do – reading certain books, fixing things around the house – and instead I go on-line and seem to revisit the same selection of websites. It must be a form of self-soothing, and I suspect I’m not alone.

The feeling I have, which I think others may share, is that the air has been let out of the tires. In a real sense it has. My cars (the old one and the older one) stand idle, even though the price of gas has gone below $2 a gallon locally. I’ve no where to go.

The point here is that this is not necessarily a bad thing. What I’ve brought myself to do is to notice when I’m doing something repetitive, not judge it. Noticing brings me back to this moment, and to the recognition that we are not in charge of anything very much, and that the mind fills with noise to try and protect us from that. We can let go of that noise.

Consequently I’ve taken to re-reading the Grimm Brothers’ Tales. Being ‘out of time’ as we are under this lockdown is strangely similar to what the earliest audiences to these tales might have experienced. They’d sit around the fire and listen to the story-teller recite the tales. It was too dark to do anything much, and probably in winter it was too early to go to sleep. Instead they fed the psyche with these wonderful tales. Some were silly, some were humorous, and some turned your soul inside out. This couldn’t have happened in an era of electric lights, movies, frenetic socializing and dining out. It’s happening now.

Take some time to let the magic reach you.