Diary 2

I felt a bit like Santa today, Wednesday 19th, as I delivered some toys to my grandchildren, but was not (of course) allowed to see them or play with them. I left their pink-with-princess-pictures-and-tassels bicycles (plus training wheels) on the back lawn in the sunshine, to tempt them to be outside and enjoy the weather. Their father is a restaurant manager, and so he’s quarantined himself; their mother runs a tutoring agency, and so is doing the same… you get the picture. In a few more days we’ll know if there are any microbes incubating, and depending on how that goes perhaps we can see them again. The great thing about four girls aged from 7 to almost 2 is that they play happily with each other. Teenagers might be a different story.

Meanwhile my son called in to say that not only is his construction business at a standstill but he also feels dreadful. His girlfriend came back from Florida a few days ago so we’re preparing to deliver chicken soup to his doorstep.

I think these kinds of events will keep returning to us for the next several weeks.

I remain at home and have tried to stay away from the stores as much as possible. Food is not really a problem yet. This ‘new normal’ is quiet and even restful, at least for now. My wife’s studio building has been closed, so we’ve set up an art area for her upstairs. There she continues to work towards producing new art for a show that features her, that may never happen, even though it’s in May.