Just in… Sandie Sedgbeer has included me in her Bookclub



If you want to save time, money, and energy in your search for the best resources to support your personal evolution, at no cost to you, check out Sandie Sedgbeer’s cool new creation:  The No B.S. Spiritual Book Club.  Concerned by the dumbed-down nature of what you get from some of the latest books in the spiritual arena, Sandie is offering the gift of her years of experience to create greater ease in your journey! 

Have you noticed that the more mainstream spirituality becomes, the more challenging it is to identify the authentic, reliable voices, empowering tools, and genuine, skip-the-B.S., guidance that expands your mind, shifts your perceptions, and accelerates your evolution?

As an editor, author, writing coach, 13-times book judge, and Talk TV/ Radio host, Sandie Sedgbeer has consumed literally thousands of books. Every day, new titles cross her desk and new pitches fill her inbox. Lately, she’s voiced a growing awareness that much of what she’s getting is lacking in substance and clear direction.

Concerned by the worrying trend towards dumbed-down “marshmallow spirituality” … and frustrated by how many of the truly helpful, authentic books and teachings are getting submerged beneath the heaps of rehashed, lightweight, and diluted material now flooding the market, Sandie has come up with a unique offering.  Bringing together her years of knowledge, experience, and considerable network of contacts in the spiritual/new thought arena, she’s using her expertise to help eliminate the challenge of having to sort the really worthwhile stuff from the “not worth wasting your time” B.S., with the launch of 


The premise is simple.  There are no adsno joining fees, and no B.S.

Just an ever-growing library of discerning suggestions and recommendations for books worth reading and authentic voices worth hearing, thoughtfully curated for you by seasoned spiritual explorers with decades of experience working and exploring at the leading edge of science, consciousness, nature, and spirituality. 

Each month, Sandie invites recognizable names and respected teachers to compile their personal lists of the “10 Best Books” that had the biggest impact on their own spiritual journeys, and why and how thoses titles made their 10 Best List. 

She also conducts regular interviews with them for her Face To Face With… Video Meet-Ups, in which contributors share more intimate details about the challenges, epiphanies, and breakthrough experiences behind their choices. And best of all, there will be open mic sessions where YOU have the opportunity to ask them your questions! 

Membership to The No B.S. Spiritual Book Club also includes free book excerpts, audio clips, exclusive discounts, special offers, and Sandie’s own Bookworms (i.e., the rare books out of the hundreds she reads each year which resonate so deeply and offer so much, that she has to share them with all her friends). 


So, whether you’re a newly-awakened beginner dipping your toes into the self-discovery waters, or a seasoned traveller on the road to awakened consciousness, your search for self-awareness just got a lot easier.   Join The No B.S., Spiritual Book Club at https://www.sedgbeer.com/the-no-bs-book-club/

(And yes, you can bet you’ll be seeing MY 10 BEST LIST there!)