Drama, anyone?

In my viewing of tv and Netflix I've noted again and again how many movies and series are centered on violent action, death, and explosions. Next in line would be life-threatening situations (in hospitals, for example). Perhaps someone could do a survey and find out just what percentage of our visual media are predicated upon death and destruction.

What occurs to me is that the existence of so much drama, computer-enhanced violence, and so on, seems to suggest that in order to be 'entertained' we have to be jolted awake.

Could it be that we are now so used to drama and terror that we no longer feel very much? Our daily diet of news contains much that is remarkably violent and disturbing. It's as if we've become immune to the drug, and need ever increasing doses to feel anything at all.

Are we, in fact, numbed out? Is not feeling anything the new normal?

As a counselor and life coach I begin to suspect this might be true......