New Horizons

Over the next few days this site will be undergoing some changes.

Why? Well, I am at this time growing my Coaching and Counseling Practice - with a special emphasis on growing clients' creativity and finding creative ways to take on life's challenges.

That requires a new, updated website.

I'll still be exploring fiction writing, teaching literature, and all the things I've been doing until now. I will also continue to work at Curry College, although in a reduced way so I can use my time to engage with individual clients, give workshops, and present my methods to professionals.

Three dates are already lined up:

On March 17th I'll be at in Marblehead MA, giving a workshop titled "Writing From Life". This is the second workshop I'll have done with Creative Spirit, and it'll use my writing exercises to uncover what it is you really have to say.

On June 8th-9th I'll be in Chicago at the studio of Bari Zaki giving a workshop that explores how we can kick-start our creativity and write from the core of who we are. The times are still being finalized.

On June 22nd I'll be giving a whole day workshop in Concord Ma, through Bay Path University's Masters' Program, showing how writing exercises can open clients up to important issues faster than talk therapy can.

So you can see what I'll be up to - and you may want to join us.