I've written a fair bit about Synchronicity - those odd moments when things just all seem to fall into place in the most startling fashion - but this phenomenon has its counterpart.

Anti-synchronicities are moment when things just won't fit, and they tend to be repetitive. Ask any arguing couple who are slinging reproaches at each other that go: "You always..."

Quite apart from anything else there is almost nothing that we 'always' do aside from breathing, so we'll let the silliness of the statement slide. But when people argue in this way they're in fact wishing that some things in their lives could be smoother or better. What's important about an anti-synchronicity like this is that, if we're paying attention, it awakens us to just how many things do go right. That's when we're likely to stop and say: 'Does it really matter if he/she leaves socks on the bathroom floor?' Then we recall all the other things that do go right, almost without effort.

Anti-synchronicities are there to remind us of how good most of life is, and that nothing is perfect. If our loved ones were absolutely perfectly in accord with every bit of our lives we'd soon begin to take that for granted. Anti-synchronicities are, truly, powerful messages -- if we're prepared to hear them. They spur us towards gratitude for what is.