Let’s consider memory for a moment.

Memory is a slippery thing. We forget things, we mis-remember things, we re-create what we think happened and then we’re astonished when someone gives us an alternate version. We forget our keys and our friends’ birthdays. And yet we remember some things with great accuracy - we recall important things in splendid detail; we remember how to ride a bike, ice-skate or serve an ace even though we haven’t done it for years.

And then, in the middle of the night, we recall all kinds of things that make us angry, upset or embarrassed. And it’s hard to turn those memories off. Actually, it’s almost impossible.

If you ever think you’re in charge of your mind, just think about memory. There it is, unruly, unreliable, vital. And then it threatens to fade out as we get older.  Having this awareness lets us know something important, and it’s this: we are more than it.  

You are more than your mental processes.