In our fast-paced world we don't do much of that. We read, skim, get the gist, and move on. And that's why I've been re-reading some of the books I've enjoyed, many of them 'classics' that for most people get read once, in school, and then are cast aside with relief. Re-reading can deepen our understanding of a book, and enhance our sense of what it has to say at the deepest levels. We don't always get that at the first reading. Think of it this way: some people go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower. Good. They've seen it. And it gets crossed off the bucket list. Others go to Paris and see that famous tower over a period of time. In rain, in fog, at night, it has many different aspects and moods. It's a different experience each time, a wonder if we allow it to be. Last night the moon was full. In my life I've seen the moon hundreds of times. Yet each time it fills me with awe and joy. Each time the experience is deeper. That's one thing I won't ever cross off any bucket list.