A Short Piece I wrote for Inspired World Magazine

Lessons Taught From a Very Young Child You don’t have to respond to someone just because they call your name and want you to do something. You don’t have to smile on demand. You don’t have to be what anyone wants or expects you to be. You don’t have to perform. Love the people you trust. Trust is a feeling, not a calculation. Ask for what you want. The people who are paying attention will understand what you mean right away, long before you have to shed tears. Be you. Everyone who is paying attention to life will love that you’re being you and will become more themselves as a result. Those who don’t get it won’t get it, ever. Life asks us to play, and if that means the living room looks like a disaster zone after a few minutes that’s perfectly OK. It just goes to show that adults have stopped knowing how to play properly. It’s your job to teach them. Sometimes the wrapping paper and cardboard box really are much more exciting than what’s inside. Loud noises are scary. But anything that even comes half way close to being music is magic. Wonder is everywhere. Join in. It doesn’t matter if you can’t actually speak yet. You can still make encouraging sounds and be part of the conversation. Tents are fun. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.