Life and Ancient Motorcycles

One of the things about restoring the vintage machinery of which I am so fond is that often no decent manuals exist. Sometimes nothing exists at all to tell me how to take it apart and what it will look like when I do. Just try finding some useable record of the Sturmey-Archer 4 speed HW gearbox (circa 1930, cam-operated) and you’ll see what I mean. So I have to proceed thoughtfully, but not timidly. I have to mobilize all I know and also follow intuitions. Blind alleys and mistakes are to be expected. Pig-headed determination will win no prizes. I need to pay attention so I don’t destroy anything by a careless move. And I need to take notes so I can get it all back together again. Just like life. There are no easy answers, no quick fixes. There’s no decent manual, and the ones that exist rarely correspond to the actuality that is uncovered.