Undocumented immigrants

Trump’s persecution and deportation of undocumented immigrants (“illegals”) puts the problem as if it were as simple as him taking off one of his ghastly ties and throwing it in the trash. But the comparison is not apt. A better way of looking at it might be this: imagine if one day the elastic woven into your underwear were to disappear. Imagine if the stitching that held your shirt collar on evaporated. Consider what would happen if the glue that holds your shoes together were to cease to exist. These “immigrants” do important work within our society. They are woven into the very fabric of how we run our lives and who we are. If you deport the man who came here, married and raised four children (all of whom have the right to stay by being born here) you do not solve anything. You have merely created four orphans and a single mother. The problem, if it ever existed, is not solved. It is immeasurably increased by this “solution”. A family unit that was self-sufficient is now dependent on the state for its survival. How does that help anything?