Resumé, anyone?

Every so often I get asked for a brief bio, or I need to send out a resumé, or a CV. It happens all the time to most of us when we have job reviews, or we apply for a new position. In the past I tended to approach such an action with anxiety - was I saying the right things? Would I appear the way I wanted to? Recently, though, I've taken to doing this every so often just as a way of keeping tabs on what I've done and where I've been. It's a bit like one of those FitBits which counts how many paces you've done each day. It's rather consoling to see that, in fact, you've been a bit more active than you thought. Even on a bad, sit-at-the-desk-and-type day I find I've done more movement than I realized. Even when a story is rejected by a magazine I can still say that I wrote it, and sent it out. The key, though, is to be positive. It's never any good to say that something simply isn't good enough or to judge oneself harshly. Instead, just choose to look at what you've managed to do, consider how you tried hard, and recognize that you are still moving forwards, even if at times slowly. Anne Tyler perhaps put it best when she described bringing up her young children and having no time, and being asked by a neighbor what she'd been doing. Was she still writing, the neighbor queried? The temptation was, I'm sure, to say that she'd not had a moment to herself -- but she didn't fall into that. Instead she simply said, "Yes, still writing". Not all triumphs are ticker-tape parades. Sometimes they're just: "Still writing".