There's this idea we have that freedom is what it's all about. And yet - perhaps we need to look a little deeper. Freedom to some people can also mean cluelessly wandering about with no sense of responsibility: I'm free to do as I wish, even if that involves trashing the place. I don't think that works. Freedom only has value when you choose to give it away for a good reason. So in a marriage the partners trade in their freedom to date anyone for a choice to be with just the one person. Servicemen and women choose to serve their country - even if that means giving up some personal freedoms around the rest of their lives. And so on. Freedom only has value when you use it to choose and then commit to a belief. You are free to choose. Then you have to stick to your choice. Freedom does not mean you get everything for free. That's theft. Freedom means having choices and being responsible for them. If you choose to vote for a candidate who is a dud then you need to take responsibility for the aftermath, or for changing things. If you choose guns then you have to take responsibility for the way they are used. Freedom does not mean shrugging and saying, "This doesn't apply to me".