Veterans’ Day

I come from what my mother used to call "a military family". Let us honor our veterans and their sacrifices whenever we can. And let us remember that for every one who served there are likely to be several family members who have been damaged, too. Families suffer losses, live through the effects of PTSD, of crippling wounds, and of the resultant despair that leads so many veterans to kill themselves. Twenty-two every day is the current figure. Let us also never forget that all wars leave deep scars - on bodies, on society, and on cultures. Every war shatters part, if not all, of what was in place before. Sometimes what was there before had many important things in it which may be lost as a result. Great civilizations have fallen over the centuries and sometimes what took their place was neither wiser nor better. When we remember our self-less and brave veterans it would be good to remember the bigger picture, too. To some extent we are all "veterans".