Guns – a new solution

Following on from my previous posts about guns I've had some cordial and pleasant conversations with many gun owners. Several things emerged. The first is that automatic and semi-automatic assault rifles fire a lot of bullets but are rather inaccurate. The laws of physics tend to be unbending at this point. You can fire a lot of bullets fast, or a very few bullets accurately. You just can't have both. What this means is that an assault rifle owner cannot guarantee to hit the targeted object or person. Such weapons are useful if you're planning to shoot up a crowd of concert goers (as we saw in Las Vegas) but you cannot be sure to get the ones you aim at! This means the gun owner is simply not safe! With hand guns the problem is even worse. Short barreled hand-held weapons are notoriously inaccurate. Again, the gun owner is not safe! There is only one clear answer. Gun owners of all kinds must be mandated to have at least 10,000 extra bullets with them at all times. This is the only way to guarantee that the bad guys will be stopped. Yes, perhaps a few innocent civilians may be hurt, but that's the price of Liberty. This amount of extra ammunition may weigh quite a lot - perhaps in excess of 100 pounds for some kinds. But isn't it worth it, for Liberty? And if you can't carry the extra weight, what kind of a Patriot are you? I'm sure there will soon be a good business developing for ammo hand-carts, or possibly small motorized trucks to follow the gun owner around. What a boon for industry! Most gun owners will already have stock-piled in excess of the minimum amount of bullets, so this legislation will not unduly impact their wallets, but a mild boost to the ammunition industry is always welcome. We really can keep our gun owners safe, and boost employment at the same time.